Import zcl to btcp

The "" pool is for the donation program. So for every ZCL you help mine and donate to the team for various fees and expenses they will provide you with BTCP after the fork OR your proportionate share of 62,BTCP if the 50, ZCL goal is not met by the 25th. The safest thing to do is just keep your ZCL in a wallet where you control the private key. That way you can be sure that you'll be able to get your BTCP after the fork. Coinomi is apparently adding support for ZCL to their wallet, and they'll be adding BTCP after the . SummaryArticle NameZclassic ZCL Forking Into Bitcoin Private BTCPDescriptionBitcoin private is a hard fork of BTC and ZCL. BTCP will have the same privacy technology as ZCL (zk-snarks). This means payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain Grandpa Bitcoin Publisher Name Grandpa Bitcoin Publisher Logo.

Import zcl to btcp

Will ZClassic (ZCL) Transform into (AZCL) with Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Team? - Global Coin Report

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David Sacks. George F. Will and the Limits of Erudition. We need more information from Rhett on this. I did place the newer swing wallet 0. I used to have Swing Wallet, but i have changed to Electrum because it's newer, faster and dont required to download the blockchain :. Yes you heard me, and it may be confusing.

It sure is to me, I was watching this video on youtube and the Reddit post was slightly different. Now the post has been updated since, and it says not yet announced. Like hey man I saw this video, he was talking about this post while showing it, and clearly there it was announced.

Why you removed the expected release date? What should we expect, when and what? I still cant get this Windows Wallet to work!! Also: Will exchanges agree not to go 'under maintenance' during the time of the fork? I fear storing ZCL in a wallet will end up getting stuck in there I really hope that we are given an 'reasonable amount of time' before the fork actually happens! Not sure if you got the jar file to open or not but I was working with someone who couldn't open it either Use at your own risk I didn't have to use it personally so I'm not sure if it should be trusted or not.

But Rhett says it is possible as well as many other Devs who have joined the project. I am getting a "an unexpected error has occured when updating the gui wallet state. Please ensure that the zcash daemonis running.

Mussyo, You have to leave it open for about 6 hours before it gets connections, i followed the instructions still had no connections, until after a few hours it just connected itself, left it on over night now i have 6 connections. Must be a bug. New to the cryptoworld in general but I can embrace the magnitude of what's going on.

Will BTCP be air dropped for people who own ZCL on windows wallets and the exchange wallets that support the fork or just on windows wallets?

Also is there any way to change path of blockchain? Because if fork happens before I move my ZCL to my PC from exchange that is not clear to support upcoming fork then its bad situation. Complete nope question I'm. Hoping someone can answer - I went onto zclassicpaperwallet. Am I correct in saying thats all I need to do in order to be included in the fork in addition to adding coins to that address which I did?

Followup for bonus points. I'll be able to import this address into the new wallet they released once it leaves beta? Possibly stupid question, is 1 to 1 the example or the minimum?

If you have less than 1 coin will you get the same amount in BTCP for example? Or if you have Read anywhere above. You're correct, it doesn't matter if you have 1 or. Noob question incoming: In your eyes, what will be the best way to participate in - hopefully - rising markets? Will I get some zcl now or wait for btc private and try to get them cheap?

Cheers guys! I am using the Eleos wallet for now with ZCL coins inside. Can i close the wallet software for now or must the wallet always being online till the fork happend? Why can you transfer ZCL coins from the wallet to an other wallet address without any security?

No password have to be given? How can we get our BTCP coins after the fork? Are they send them to the Eleos wallet? Because nobody has a BTCP address for now? Is there an proposed price? So if i hold 10 zcl when the forks occurs i will also gain 10 btcp.

So this new coin will be worth the same amount of money as zcl or how does this work? That would mean instant x2. Sure that's how I understand it. The real question is which wallets and how it will be supported. Not at all.

It's a different coin, with a different supply, and will have different demand so to say it's worth the same value is false. It's worth what people are prepared to pay. At the time the fork occurs, it will take you time to get your zcl back into an exchange to sell. If ZCL tanks, which in likeliness it will straight after the fork, this will be a race.

If exchanges support the fork and you have your zcl ready for the fork in exchange, then yes you will be one of the first in line to sell your ZCL getting a better price on the way down but on the flip side, you are at the mercy of the exchange as to when they decide to issue your new BTCP coin s. So consider this also.

Guys, my electrum zclassic default wallet only launches from the dmg file. The wallet works fine though. But could anyone advice me on this thanks. Why this is and whats wrong. Thanks advance. Can we do it as soon as the snapshot is taken, or do we have to wait until we see the BTCP in a wallet? I am currently ZCL in the Electrum wallet. I'm seeing a ton about wallet problems, what is everyone having trouble with? Mine is working, maybe I can shed some light.

I have a question for this, forgive me if it's a stupid question i really don't know. So i understand you will get btcp for every zcl you have, but what if you don't have a 1 whole zcl, for example 0. Okay somebody please help me out with this. Bitcoin Private -- what could the price potentially be post fork once listed to exchange s? So far, Bitcoin Gold is listed on dozens of exchanges, including Bithumb, Bitfinex, Binance, and Bittrex to name a few.

However, we have no confirmation of a single exchange processing this fork, with only two wallets on board to my knowledge. What is to catapult the price of BTCP into a market cap of over 2 billion if there is little support for it being traded on the market?

And if not over 2 billion, what should we expect? I'm still using the Zclassic swing wallet UI 0. It's been working great since day one, do I need to make any changes to this setup in order to support the fork?

Please let me know. Share the link. Add a Comment. Did you ever figure this out? In the same boat and do not want to miss out! What if you have an existing zclassic swing wallet or are running a full node? What mining algorithm will Bitcoin Private use? Equihash Source. Thanks for the info! Hi, thanks for your effort. Pretty sure everybody will ride zcl until fork the dump everything. Be careful. If I hold the coins on bittrex, will I get btcp? The wallets will be done for Win, Mac and Linux before the fork.

Please wait for announcement. Also: is it possible that once the fork happens, it will be impossible to transfer ZCL from windows wallet to an exchange to sell them? I assume we have to store our ZCL in a transparent addy? Bitcoin gold which retains its price despite being a scam. I don't see either of those coins listed in V1. You don't have to hold a full coin it's fractional. If I have 1 zcl on bittrex, am i going to recieve the btcp there?

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find info on it. What do the Dev s not like about Segwit? Do they own miners using Asicboost? Swing did you find a solution to this as this is my question too. Are they likely to announce the 'fork day' just 1 or 2 days before it happens?

You need to update the zclassic. I am getting 0 connections and synchro at 0.

How to get more Bitcoin Private (BTCP) coins after the fork Global Coin Report

To access the BTCP, import the private key of the wallet where the Zclassic were located when the snapshot happened. For the donation pool, I think you provide a Zclassic wallet address, and they will credit the BTCP on this same address on the BTCP blockchain, and you also only need to import the Zclassic privatekey of this wallet when opening. Move ZCL to new wallet address. Wait until BTCP Electrum wallet is out. Import private key into BTCP Electrum. Move BTCP to new address. Make sure to save copies of your Private keys for both wallets in a secure offline USB/storage device. Import single Private Keys from ZCL, BTC, and BTCP to spend. Viewing and writing down your individual private keys is always a safe idea. Be cautious, test with small amounts! Supports Sending from & Receiving to B-addresses; Use the full node wallet for viewing and sending shielded transactions as well as importing segwit addresses. Tags:Uae bitcoin atm, Btc radiology tech, Fidelity btc lifepath 2060, Btc and btc cash difference, Futuros btc fechas