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Sep 07,  · Re: Trading Bitcoin bersama Mitra Terbaik «Reply # on: August 24, , AM» Anda dapat menukar FasaPay USD, Bitcoin, litecoin, BTC-e, Perfect Money USD, USD OKPAY ke FasaPay IDR pada layanan Email: T: Return Address MITRAGAIA WHITNEY MESA DR # HENDERSON NV Corporate Address Mitragaia LTD 18 . Bitcoin has plenty of legal uses. That include, but not be limited to: Fast and low-fee payments – Bitcoin offers everyone around the world the ability to transfer money safely and send them to anyone else in the world. Transaction fees are small and usually, go through very quickly. In addition to being a decentralized cryptocurrency with no central authority detached from any government.

Mitra bitcoin

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Oh, sure. From watching the video it seems that the idea is we could write the verifiers in CashAssembly and then not need to add specific op codes. Is that accurate? With some smart decisions early on regarding CashAssembly, we might be able to get them very efficiently. Great, looking forward to seeing progress on this! We could do some really cool stuff with succinct computational proof verifications on chain.

Yeah I'm a big fan of idea of succinct computational proofs and think in the coming years they'll be common use. I'd really like to see BCH embrace that. I'd be happy to help however I can. Don't overthink it, free booze is enough for most people. Maybe give away a little crypto, help people learn more, or set up a wallet if they want. Interesting, but the references to Mises and the regression system is pathetic Tobias Ruck and Jeffrey A Tucker pointed to by Ruck - because he referred to the money units themselves, the bitcoins or satoshis, and they have no direct use value.

He is a hero that man, and the regression theorem was good up to gold, you could even with some twist apply it to paper fiat cash, but he was wrong about the regression theorem, as bitcoin has clearly shown. The regression theorem is based on going back microsteps in history, so the exchange value speculative value of today for any money must come from direct use value some time pre history.

It is the main problem for the gold bugs, it is the reason why the gold bugs do not regard bitcoin as money, they look to the regression theorem. So I have heard it many times lol. But the money unit, the satoshi, is unreal, you can not eat it, clothe yourself in it or live in it, it is totally synthetic, it is just a random looking string of bits, a number. And it makes the best money. It does not fit into Mises regression theorem.

You can choose: Either bitcoin is money and the regression theorem is wrong, or bitcoin is not money. If we could clear this up with the goldbugs, the bitcoin market cap would skyrocket x overnight. But it seems to be impossible. The gold bugs will be the last people coming in. I agree. The saying goes like this "if you have to explain that it's money Mises' regression theorem applies to money evolving out of barter; it is completely irrelevant to the concerns mentioned here.

And the best part is, none of them change the awesome scaling properties of Bitcoin Cash that make it so fast, cheap and reliable. Adding a lot of new concepts, very heavy updates, a much more heavy script replacement and all that, you should not just make a claim its not going to have any effect on the scaling properties without any profiling, any data or test implementations Quite the contrary, it means we can raise the blocksize more confidently.

As far as I can tell, you double the reading time. You will need to access more data from hard drive where the disk-IO is the bottle-neck because you need to not only refer to the previous output, you also need to refer to the Preambles. You changed from Script to a completely new system that doesn't even exist yet in the form you want it to be done. This is simply false. Even if you didn't mean it literally being "the same", you have to acknowledge that some more data will have to be stored and processed.

Yes, and here you acknowledge it. UTXO needs to change. Countering what you wrote above that UTXO will remain the same. But you are doing everyone a disservice by suggesting new, complex features and then falsely claiming they have no cost. The only thing this will do is you creating a friction in the community where a lot will think this new stuff will soon be part of Bitcoin Cash.

While another part will realize that this is really not as simple as you think, as cheap as you make it out and as frictionless as you sold. I should be more precise: The complexity Big-O-notation of everything will remain the same, no validation incentives change and all additional costs introduced have to be paid for via fees. Thomas, I really respect you, but please remember that the dismissive attitude towards changes is what drove Vitalik out of Bitcoin and made him create competing!

Ethereum that might destroy it one day. I think it's worth researching and discussing Mitra, before dismissing it as "almost certainly worse " Assuming there is a scaling cost at all The scaling cost is there, it should be determined and we have no way to detect what it is without actual profiling and writing code.

We know for sure that adding complexity is going to make its cost not be zero. So when eyeofpython makes the claim that its cost is going to be zero, I write a single liner pointing out that that single statement is almost certainly false.

Personally, to me your one-liner seemed like: "This is going to make things almost certainly slower, so, bad idea" since there was nothing except that one-liner. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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No Doxing. Doxing or posts that resemble doxing will result in the post being removed and the user banned permanently. It's recommended that heavy altcoin discussion and other offtopic threads be posted in its respective subreddit. There are so many people in the world making money through trading the various cryptocurrencies on exchanges.

It should be noted that the illegal use of bitcoin doesn't exceed 10 percent of bitcoin's volume against 90 percent in legal uses, according to Forbes. Generally, People who are using or interested in cryptocurrencies may love the idea of genuinely truly owning their money, protecting their privacy, the ideologies behind crypto, or just making money through trading.

Kindly note that this information might change in the future. The list of countries is just for reference. There are still many other areas outside our list.

I know that many of you have wondered, is bitcoin legal in USA. The US Treasury has classified cryptocurrencies and exchanges as money services or financial institutions instead of labeling it a currency.

In addition, to staying on top of reporting and record-keeping. While the Internal Revenue Service has billed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a digital asset, meaning it is taxable.

Bitcoin considered as a good and the earned income within Bitcoin activities is taxable in Australia. However, the Australian Central Banks said that further regulations for cryptocurrencies are not needed for the use of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Canada was one of the first countries to introduce any type of legislation for cryptocurrency. In it passed a bill deemed cryptocurrency businesses as money services which bring them into compliance with KYC and AML laws.

Moreover, the Canada Revenue Agency declared Bitcoin as a commodity and considers income from cryptocurrency ventures as business income which means that it is taxable.

But is bitcoin illegal in China? The real answer is China has not banned bitcoin and insists it has no plans to do so. Malta had a clear truthful situation regarding Bitcoin, it was so friendly to the crypto industry. With no laws covering Bitcoin, Malta's prime minister express warm approval on Bitcoin and the Blockchain tech abilities. Moreover, he adopts a strategy to promote Bitcoin and blockchain. Japan has been at the forefront of the countries that made a legal regulation regarding Bitcoin.

Moreover, the FSA is checking up on these exchanges. While it allowing the cryptocurrencies businesses and activities, Russia always tries to protect its people from scams schemes. Moreover, bitcoin mining is legal also. The Ecuadorian government banned all cryptocurrencies since , due to the establishment and development of a new electronic cash system to be linked directly to the local currency and operated by the state.

Vietnamese government outright banned the population from using Bitcoins within the country, and anyone caught using cryptocurrencies will face a fine. State Bank of Pakistan has announced that cryptocurrencies are banned in Pakistan as of April Bank will not get involved if there is any dispute.

In early India's central bank banned the financial institutions regulated by RBI from working with cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency-related activities. The Indian government doesn't currently have any cryptocurrency law and using cryptocurrencies not criminal in the country. Bitcoin created to fight the exploitation in financial systems and to guarantee the rights of both parties who are using BTC for payment as it records transactions almost transparently.

But even that didn't prevent the fraudsters to exploited Bitcoin as any new technology emerges. Moreover, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are complicated, confusing to new users and lightly regulated — all of which make them an ideal target for scammers. There are many deceptive tricks designed to separate you from your cryptocurrencies. But fortunately, we also have a number of simple tips that will always keep you safe. Never disclose your private key with anyone. Stick with well-known and popular exchanges and use 2-factor authentication.

Do your own research on any exchange or wallet before creating an account, to avoid the fake exchanges. Be careful when you are going to install any software or app from any store, you should make sure its that is not a scam app.

Also, you should get the wallet or exchange app from the officials' websites only. Setup a good antivirus to protect you from malware. When you trade, be careful from the market manipulation, such as the small market-cap cryptocurrencies which see a sudden skyrocket price rise.

Also, be wary of fake news and do careful research in the credentials of any cryptocurrency before buying it. If you have wondered about is buying bitcoin legal in your country, there are thousands around the world had wondered before, and others will. If you use cryptocurrency for right purposes, you shouldn't worry about its legality.

Bitcoin will continue to grow alongside with blockchain technology which will enable the world to create all kinds of innovative new products.


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