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Peter Hitchens' fondness for carving better people out of Bananas is a reference to the Science Fiction Classic "Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut. The cover of his book "The War we Never Fought" is a parody of the album cover of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". PETER HITCHENS: Guess where Professor Lockdown got his ideas China's police state One of the strangest things about our recent national madness has been the role of Professor Neil Ferguson, the physicist who has somehow come to dominate Johnson’s Covid policy. Jan 01,  · Articles by Lubomir Tassev, Author at Bitcoin News. Lubomir Tassev. Lubomir Tassev is a journalist from tech-savvy Eastern Europe who likes Hitchens’s quote: “Being a .

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Imagine if there were Shakespearean fundamentalists who believed that the Bard's plays were divinely inspired, that every word of them came direct from God to William Shakespeare's pen, and that together they comprised the unsurpassable guide for how human beings should live. We'd mock them, and rightly so; whatever their literary merit, most of them aren't suitable as guides for moral behavior.

But now imagine there were Shakespearean moderates who acknowledged the earlier source material that Shakespeare drew on, the real-world political compromises that shaped his plots, and even the possibility that some of the plays were written by other authors Is that an improvement?

Would we be inconsistent if we rejected this position as well? Or would we be justified in saying that, no matter how critically you treat the text, it means nothing if one of your starting premises is wrong?

The "olive branch" that Hitchens has extended to us consists of saying that we're atheists because we want to be free of moral standards, because we want to spend our lives in untrammeled hedonism, and that we hypocritically choose this lifestyle for ourselves while relying on sober and dutiful Christians to maintain society and support us in our dissipation - so yes, I would think that the abuse in that case is quite justified.

We're perfectly capable of recognizing when we're being insulted and responding in kind. Well, yes, because he is accusing us of that. Maybe the part of that sentence he objects to is "crudely"? Maybe he's saying that what he's really doing is sophisticatedly accusing atheists of being wicked people.

Needless to say, most of us would laugh at this smugly naive rhetoric. There's nothing difficult about coming up with a moral system that doesn't rely on a divine enforcer; freethinkers have been doing it throughout history, and most of their proposals look pretty similar.

Getting people to adopt that secular morality, I admit, has proven to be harder - but that's only because of the efforts of religious apologists who spread the lie that rejecting their morality is equivalent to rejecting all morality, a falsehood that Peter Hitchens has done his part to promote. Happily, we have reason to believe that as the world grows more secular, it will increasingly be only a hard core of dogmatic and unbending believers who continue to cling to this self-serving prejudice.

Image: Things were not better when this was the map of the world. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. The federal government and private insurers greatly increased Americans' telehealth access during the pandemic.

Will these changes be permanent? Credit: Daniilvolkov via AdobeStock. Astronomers find these five chapters to be a handy way of conceiving the universe's incredibly long lifespan.

Image based on logarithmic maps of the Universe put together by Princeton University researchers, and images produced by NASA based on observations made by their telescopes and roving spacecraft. Study finds no significant link between traumatic early life experiences and BDSM practices as an adult. Photo by Tiko on Adobe Stock.

The arc of geological history is long, but it bends towards supercontinents — so, what will the next one look like? Big Think Edge. Videos Michio Kaku: 3 mind-blowing predictions about the future. Videos Habits: How to be successful every day. Big ideas.

Once a week. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. The fact that men professing to be Christian believers try to rewrite or reinterpret the laws of God does not get rid of the idea that, to be true moral laws, those laws have to be beyond the power of man to alter.

That is, it has to be possible to discover, and state, that men have departed from them. I was the one who pointed out that Japan, a highly civilised and in many ways admirable country, was pretty much devoid of religious belief. What I do say is that the particularly lovely form of civilisation achieved in a very few states in recent centuries, that of ordered liberty under the law without a strong state, is only attainable when Protestant Christianity is embraced and followed widely.

Japan, for instance, relies very heavily on oppressive conformism and hierarchy, and much less on the individual conscience freely operating. Just look at his words immediately following: And I would not be surprised if almost all of the above atheist examples disagreed with me on the following litmus subjects I could come up with many others : divorce I think it should be much more difficult ; drugs and alcohol I favour deterrence of drug abuse through severe criminal penalties imposed for possession, and the reintroduction of severe restrictions on the sale of alcohol ; crime and disorder I favour the due punishment of responsible persons, and regard 'community penalties' and 'rehabilitation' as futile The British state is these days run on largely atheist lines, which is one of the reasons why our police officers are increasingly armed when they used not to be, why jury trial has been whittled away almost to nothing, why the rule of law is incessantly violate by the state itself, and the state is far stronger, why our doctors are worse-trained than they used to be, our hospitals dirtier than they used to be, our schools worse than at any time for years, for example.

If I say that the Bible must be read intelligently, and that different parts of it have different significance a platitude, really , I am accused of 'picking and choosing'.

Of course, if I insisted that it had universal binding Koranic force in every syllable, I would be accused of 'fundamentalism' and jeered off the stage. If I say as I believe that I cannot know that God exists, and that belief in God must always remain a matter of choice, and that I quite understand that some people prefer not to believe in God, my olive-branch is brushed aside, and I am deluged with abuse If I speculate, quite reasonably, on my view that where we are free to believe different things in the absence of testable knowledge we generally believe what we wish to believe, and that the interesting part of the discussion must therefore be 'why do I want to believe what I believe', I am told that I am crudely accusing atheists of being wicked people.

As far as I can see, my contention about the possibility of an absolute morality is a simple statement of fact, once again unobjectionably platitudinous. It is in fact more or less circular.

The idea of an absolute morality depends on God, as the Christian idea of God depends on the idea of an absolute moral law. Men and women far smarter than any of us have gone into this repeatedly, and all attempts to construct a God-free moral absolute have come to grief on the shoals of logic. Northwell Health. Credit: Adobe Stock. When telehealth visits began skyrocketing after the pandemic began, hospitals had to increase their number of virtual appointments by magnitudes.

Most did it seamlessly. Big Think spoke to Dr. Martin Doerfler, senior vice president of clinical strategy and development at Northwell Health, about this transition and how it benefited patients. Telehealth has proven its value during the pandemic, but it might stop evolving unless the federal government redesigns the regulatory framework so that insurers cover it and patients can afford it.

That's a key reason why, in March, Medicare and most private insurers sought to increase access to telehealth by relaxing restrictions, waiving fees, and reimbursing practitioners for virtual visits at the same rate as in-person visits.

Department of Health and Human Services found, for example, that about 43 percent of primary care visits were conducted through telehealth in April, compared to just 0. Despite having just weeks to prepare, most U. Martin Doerfler, senior vice president of clinical strategy and development at Northwell Health, was one of the thousands of health care professionals who witnessed the transition. But in May alone, Northwell had conducted approximately 65, visits with roughly 8, health care professionals across the health system.

The pediatrician was able to evaluate the child, speak to the mother through a telehealth translation service, and provide the family with the necessary steps to keep the child healthy. The mother was happy to avoid having to take her child on public transportation to visit a hospital in person and still receive the care she needed. Keep reading Show less. Surprising Science. Are we living in a baby universe that looks like a black hole to outsiders? There are 5 eras in the universe's lifecycle.

Right now, we're in the second era. How many people have lived on planet Earth? Just how cold was the Ice Age? New study finds the temperature. Sister Sites. We're in the middle, or thereabouts, of the universe's Stelliferous era. If you think there's a lot going on out there now, the first era's drama makes things these days look pretty calm.

It is a very hard thing to have grown up in a Country that was Great and recognise that it is Great no longer. As Richard Neville said in the 60s, there was an inch of difference between the two Parties and it was within that inch we all lived. An adversarial Parliament is important for freedom.

The problem with our Parliament is that it is anything but adversarial at the moment, it is all Blairites from North to South and East to West carpeting the place! It's a hangover from when we assumed all goodness comes from God, that now we expect the same of politicians that somehow in Leinster House there a Great Father Figure watching over us.

If you read our Bill of Rights, there is always the assumption that people cannot be trusted with power. I realised that I could make a better Republican Irish speaker than Gerry Adams, blindfolded and with my mouth full of goldfish. There is a real loathing of people of my position in the media industries. If Alcohol were introduced into this Country now, knowing what we know about it, would we permit it? The Old Leninist Maxim, you know? Push the bayonet, if you find metal try somewhere else, if you find mush keep pushing.

As a troublesome young man, with my authority figures I was finding nothing but mush Arthur Koestler, in Departure and Return, makes the still valid point that World Reformers want to reform the World as a substitute for reforming themselves. They've usually got something wrong with them. When [the anti-theists] drive Christianity out of Europe they will not create an Atheist Paradise, they will leave a space for Islam. This Country seems to me to be convulsed in the abandonment of the presumption of innocence.

I can assure you they were not. The state of danger and risk is regarded by Russia as the default state of life. That is how they are different from us. There is a great tendency in the modern World to mistake pleasure for happiness. This Country is the most racially harmonious one I know of. The problem is Politicians and Teachers trying to enforce a multiculturalism that results in everyone being part of one of a number of solitudes, all with their backs to each other.

I don't think anybody in the Country thought at the time, or thinks now, that the s were the beginning of civilization What's all that about? Sex, drugs and rock and roll! When people have children they have to decide how much of their lives they're going to devote to raising their children and how much to behaving as they did before.

Our generation has proved itself not to be particularly meritorious in that struggle. As far as I can see it tends to say "Park the children in front of the TV while we do what we used to do".

Then there are the people who persuade themselves that their children will be happier if they break up. What they of course mean is that they will be happier. Ask any child of a broken or dysfunctional home, and they will tell you that they hate the discord between their parents more than anything else in their lives. I was getting sick of hearing that Saddam Hussein was Hitler and therefore by implication Anthony Blair was Churchill.

And then I started wondering if the model of the "Good War" being used this way was justified. Our Education System has collapsed. Education has collapsed, and that is one of the reasons why public discourse is now at such a crude level. A man won a Nobel Prize in the s, this may sound unbelievable, for the invention of prefrontal lobotomy. Fashions in Neurology and the treatment of the brain are often dangerous and should be treated with caution. There is enormous affection for the present Queen, which people mistake for affection for the Institution.

One thing I noticed in the Soviet Union was the hostility towards families and the private life, and that is now taking hold in the West. We tried a Republic in the 17thCentury and ended up with a Military Dictatorship I think only a Martian examining the Laws of the Country could conclude that the Queen has any Power, the whole point of her is that she doesn't have any, the Prime Minister exercises a huge amount of Power, far more than a US President, and far more than he should, because we have at the moment a very feeble Parliament and the point of our system is that Parliament should be strong, and it isn't.

Meanwhile something that Christians believe in is that there is a difference between the deserving and the undeserving poor A lot of the things the Germans did could not be Prosecuted at Nuremberg because we had done them too. We still think that we are a Major World Power, which is the most astonishing delusion outside of a Mental Hospital that I know of.

My political position is despair. If you're young enough to go, then go, if you're too old to go then hope you die before it happens. Don't ask me where to go, that means you're too wet to make it, but if you're young enough to go then go. There is nothing that can be done, nothing, no solution coming from the Media or Government.

Only acres and acres of despair and potential war. I'm not joking. I'm old enough that I won't live to see it happen, but you will. Telling the Truth in an era of Lies is the supreme duty, whether it has any effect or not. There might be in the future the owners of a happy prosperous Country who'll take this warning and not set out in a few short years, plans to destroy everything they have, like we did. There are no adults in the Tory Party as far as I can see, they just resort to the Water-cannon of Slime, a Political Weapon that works, but it degrades Politics.

I speak whereof I know and whereof I do not know I cannot speak. I think it was Wittgenstein who said that, and I think it was good advice. We have created the precedents that will be turned against us. We are a minor power getting more minor every day. I have given up on direct involvement in Politics.

British Politics is entirely tribal, and wholly hostile to reason. It is in fact angered by reason and closes its mind to reason with a self-righteous certainty.

Which is horrible to see. That is why I abandoned direct involvement in Politics and declared myself to be what I now am: the Obituarist of my Country. I don't think there is any such thing as moral progress.

Where do we get the idea that the motion is forwards? Where is this strange -Ometer that tells us whether something is progress or just a change? All despots try to remind you, to distract from the mountains of skulls behind them, of their vast economic success.

We have made a religion out of politics. We have ascribed to government power and state power things that ought to be ascribed elsewhere. The people who made the mistakes are still in charge and one thing that people who make mistakes won't do, and this is common, is admit that they made mistakes.

In the usual slimy places where you can get away with that kind of thing, yes The arrest of Richard Osborn-Brooks after the death of a burglar in his house is in fact a completely typical example of our Left-infiltrated police in operation.

There is no point getting cross about it if you do not then demand a total reform of the police and the courts. No doubt most police officers are perfectly nice men and women, who love animals and are kind to their mothers.

But they do not work for us. They work for a state that has been taken over by s radicals. Have you ever asked why the police are so keen to arrest respectable people who defend their own houses? In general, they do not much want to meet the respectable classes. They have closed hundreds of police stations, and ceased regular foot patrols.

They have great trouble answering the telephone. If they appear in public at all, they do so in pairs, deep in conversations about overtime and clearly not wanting to be interrupted or distracted. They can't conceal how bored they are by burglary and car theft.

They are unwilling to do anything serious about anti-social behaviour and defeatist on drugs. But defend yourself or your home with any vigour, and they are there in large numbers waving handcuffs and DNA swabs. They're not a human being, they're Jews, they just look like it.

It's the oldest trick in the book: before you kill, you dehumanise. Here I am surrounded by Invasion of the Body Snatchers people who once would have been sceptical of attempts to propagandise and drive them into war, but now seem to welcome it. Not until the bombs start to arrive in Western Cities, will people realise how fantastically stupid they're being. Not until China becomes the Supreme World Power because we've destroyed ourselves with stupid Wars, will people realise how stupid we've been.

I am just beyond all patience with it, it just drives me up the Wall with Rage. The direction of education has reversed, instead of being a machine for finding those people who were capable of benefitting from a highly selective and rigorous education and propelling them into the elite whoever they were and from whatever background they came. Now we have an education system that says we must not discriminate between people on the grounds of intelligence, even if there's a cost to the Country in terms of lost Education opportunity, we must always pursue an egalitarian outcome, equality of outcome.

Therefore instead the classes are brought together by being merged, instead of working class people being brought in to the middle class. My opinion of Donald Trump is that he is an Oaf. I get distressed when I see intelligent people getting enthused by him, I get distressed when I see Christian people enthused by him.

I'm not convinced he is of that opinion, he knows what symbolic things to do to excite that Constituency. I think he's cunning, he's like a male Princess Diana. If you find a turtle on a fencepost, it didn't get there by accident.

There is no Justice. In terms of the British Conservative Party, if you really want to know, and indeed, the best thing that could happen to it is that it split and collapsed. And I'd do all that I can to hurry this on because nothing, nothing could be worse, I mean I could carve a better Political Party out of a Banana!

Saying our War on Drugs has failed is like saying our Settlement on Mars has failed. We have no Settlement on Mars! I think the British Class System is a tragedy, it results in a tremendous waste of talent, for one thing, and a lot of stupid snobbery. The thing I hate about the Cult of Football is the suggestion that if you're not part of it there's something wrong with you. I suspect it may be the other way around. My Ghost will be floating around this place yelling "I told you so!

Why didn't you do something when it would have made a difference? People of my generation [who vote Tory], when we all die, where are they going to find people to vote for them?

Presumably among marijuana smokers. That is what they think. That is what is behind it. But it is, stupidity is also very tenacious. If you give people the ability to obtain ecstasy and reward from a drug which they take, ecstasy and reward which they ought to get from an achievement like writing a symphony or having a baby or winning a battle against an evil opponent, and you give them this reward for nothing, then you eviscerate the moral engine of society, you give people pleasure that they have not earned, and the result is lassitude.

She was the only person in the Western Hemisphere who could have lost an Election to Donald Trump, and she lost it because she was Hilary Clinton. People mistake political discontent for personal unhappiness. They stop being refugees the second they reach a safe country, and they did in the shape of Turkey. What they are now is migrants. I am in the eyes of many people an extremist simply for holding by and large the views which my parents' generation held.

I'm a former Trotskyist Activist. It takes a lot of effort to organize a spontaneous demonstration! In silent revolutions, as ours has been, things change by salami slices, and there's never anything big enough to say "This will not stand". Conventional wisdom is nearly always wrong. By the time it has become conventional, it is no longer wisdom but cant. There is no basis on which most people being brought up in this Country can now judge between right and wrong, so we're left with ad hoc ethics, which is practical atheism, there is no reason to believe anything is particularly right or particularly wrong except in as so far as it suits you.

But we're taking back control with Brexit? You'll be in a--in a--in a movie theater, and you'll be asking for a ticket, and you'll hear someone making a--making a mock of your la-de-da voice in--in the background. It's happened. And it--it's just--it's just a feature of England. Everybody spots, in a--in a--in a voice like mine, a particular set of attitudes and a particular type of upbringing, which a lot of people don't like.

We're still a very class-ridden society. It goes back to the Norman conquest. Because in--in Britain, voice is code. Accent is code. It's been said that no Englishman can open his mouth without offending another Englishman, and that's perfectly true. All these things have--have an immense coded impact. Democratic governments are utterly vulnerable to it, because the moment they start taking it seriously, they--they--they look like dictators.

Well, that's--that's--that's--that's Britain for you. If we can pronounce it differently from the way it's written down, we will. Books steal an enormous part of your life.

You have to devote a great deal of time to them, and I wasn't sure whether, with--with then two young children, I was ever going to be able to do it. So it took some time. It also was very difficult, once I decided to do it, to get anybody to publish it, because the British publishing industry is--is wholly dominated by the cultural left and wasn't very sympathetic, to put it mildly, to--to my ideas.

It used to be a matter of coal mines and steel industry and telephones and monopolies like that. And now the Red Army has been seriously downsized. What a lot of people don't realize is just how unlike Britain Britain now is and how completely transformed it has been by a cultural revolution over the past 30 and 40 years.

What the Police do now is wait for Crime, and then rush towards it with Sirens Blaring. But they can't unburgle you, or unmug you, or unstab you, or unmurder you. What we used to have is more Policeman Patrolling, a deterrent, and less actual Crime. Our Amazing Self-Regard prevents us from examining the major faults in our Society. Because from my point of view, your views are extremely complacent! Britain committed suicide in by joining the First World War, which it never needed to do, and rapidly became bankrupt, lost its naval supremacy and shortly afterwards lost its Empire, that's evident, and once you've lost all those things, all sorts of other things follow.

The reason there is no White Working Class is that there is nowhere for them to work. I've heard enough out of Theresa May. Sooner or later the Political Class are going to discover the Norway Option is the way to go, as they tumble into it. My great fear, as we fall into the condition of being a third country, which no-one understands, with the added bureaucracy and tariffs which will be Politically embarrassing, as someone wanting to leave the EU, is that the Government will fall, and be replaced by a Government trying to get us to crawl back into Europe.

We have plenty of Centrist Parties! What we don't have is a Conservative Party. It's wonderful the way the word Blairite has become an insult, isn't it?

I think it remains true, the Country is more doomed now than back then, but it was rescue-able back then! What you find when you set out to change the world is that you actually have to change yourself. When you go into a shop, and there's a load of goods on display you don't need, you don't buy anything! So why in an Election, would you vote for someone you don't like? The Police only catch the stragglers: the people who were too stupid to run.

The problem with making people into Heroes is that you disarm your rational mind and stop looking at them properly, critically. The one thing we've learned is you're not Walt Disney! I'm annoyed they want to call the next one The People's Vote, who do they think voted in the first one, Squirrels?

It's amazing that Politicians spend their careers garnering votes to be put in the position to make big decisions, that they turn around and say to the people, "I can't make up my mind, I can't say what I want, it's back to you!

The awful Dialogue of the Deaf Politics we have now, where neither side listens to the other! I don't think Anglicanism is particularly fake. The fake religion in Britain is the Churchill-worship that's been going on since the Second World War.

The way our economies are going we soon won't! Once you destroy the Private Life, which is what I believe destroying the Family will do, you create a much closer relationship between the State and the Individual in which the State has much more Power. The Cranmer Book of Common Prayer seems cold and empty now, one Pope would say it had succumbed to Satanic Optimism and the blasphemous belief solely in Human Progress.

The Left are good at deluding themselves that they are harmless and tolerant. And they do learn! Modern Totalitarianism is more Humane than Stalinist Totalitarianism.

What they do to you now, if they decide that they don't like what you think, they don't put you in a Labour Camp, they deprive you of your Employment. The Great Threat to Freedom of Speech and Thought in modern Western Civilisation is not the Threat of Prison, it is the Threat of Unemployment, and anyone who speaks out particularly in the Public Sector will find that they lose their job and that keeps people in control just fine.

And Amnesty International doesn't even notice. And it's very powerful and effective and operates here and in your future. I call it Marshmallow Totalitarianism because it's soft and sticky and sweet but just as nasty.

The Left believe what they propose is so good that any action is justified in pursuit of it, and that is so dangerous and if you hold it I suggest you drop it before it destroys the lives around you. Opinion Polls are a device for influencing, not measuring, public opinion. Crack that and it all starts to make sense. I am critical of what happened, I attempted for many years to influence Politics so that the things I was critical of would be put right, nobody paid a blind bit of attention so now I just laugh at it and have no Political ambitions at all.

I think it's all over. Did what I could, but the Country's finished. It is inevitable Education will fail the Middle Class, the point is the extent to which that should be allowed to happen.

Whether the Middle Class should be a stale thing which never recruits anyone new, just passes on from Father to Son and Daughter like the weather. Or something which takes in new talent; anything which doesn't will eventually die, as our Society will. Alan Rickman, from Oxford, became one of the best Actors of his Generation. His Father was a Painter. Couldn't happen now! You're stating all these things but you don't say why. Why are you saying these things? The London Effect: immigrant families value Education more highly indeed than indigenous families.

No hope of escaping his economic fate, under an Academically Selective System he would have that hope. I can't make it perfect! I've tried telling them, and they can't deal with it, it doesn't fit with their Dogma. You can look it up on the Internet, the Dixon Report, Table J standing up and waving their arms about. They say to you: "If I worked in a State School I'd spend half the time being a Policeman, quarter of the time being a Social Worker, and only the other quarter getting any teaching done!

There is no point in making perfection an argument against improvement. There will always be unfairness and glitches. One of the problems of this Country after the Second World War, was that it was broke. A Society which tries to impose Equality from above will not succeed. I've lived in such a Society, Moscow at the end of the Soviet era. I refer to figures from the s because that is when they were compiled, they don't exist for any later than that.

Just because you don't record crime doesn't mean it isn't happening. Why worry about the minor faults of the Grammar School System, when we have the colossal faults of the Comprehensives, the disorder, the bullying, the hatred of Education, which you have the power to get rid of?

It's the point I keep coming back to: It would be better if we did it, why don't we do it? There's this wonderful passage in Martin Amis's "Russian Hide and Seek" where he described an awful garden party, but nobody knows it's awful because they don't know any better.

Why did we destroy the Good and retain the Bad? Why are we Governed so Irrationally? We've had Comprehensive Education in this Country for so long that there's hardly anyone left who knows what they're doing! You have your lives ahead of you and I beg you, should you find yourselves in the positions of influence this University promises, to undo this terrible injustice, correct this mistake. If the whole [Police] Force were abducted by Aliens tomorrow, how long would it take for anyone to notice?

All the left-wingers have a way of wangling their kids into good schools, in defiance of the comprehensives they supposedly defend. That's why they're not here [counterarguing] because I'd humiliate them.

Isn't it strange that the longer ago a War is, the more fuss we make about it? I call it "Munich Syndrome": the aggressor is always "The New Hitler", the chap who wants to go to war to stop him, even if it is the Blair Creature, is the Reincarnation of Winston Churchill, and any grovelling namby-pamby appeaser is Neville Chamberlain. We very nearly lost! At one point, people forget this, we had the whole army up to its shoulders in saltwater on the French Coast!

Only by extraordinary effort were we able to pick them up and stop them all from being captured. In that eventuality we'd have had no choice but to sue for Peace. We won't survive if we don't acknowledge how lucky we've been.

That luck is running out. Conservatives get cynical about wars because they notice that left-wing people keep starting them! We're no longer serious Imperialists. We go in, take out the Dictatorship, and leave.

Afterwards you go on as a Ghost of your Former Self. Catastrophe is possible! I've said, I may not look like much but if you don't listen to me now, wait and see what you get! And what do they get? Nigel Farage! Well what you see is these old films of families hugging and shaking their breadwinner's hand, and then he goes off and they never see him again. So yes, I think you have to wear a Poppy.

This is what I warned you would happen, you didn't listen, now it's happened and I hope you like it! Welcome to the Third World without the Sunshine! As Peter Cook said long ago, "Britain will eventually sink, giggling, into the Sea! Now, when I was growing up people valued that, as they still valued having an unarmed Police Force. And all kinds of other actual outward elements of Liberty, and people have forgotten they exist! I don't think we're kinder, I see all kinds of callousness, especially to the old.

It's like Neil Kinnock's warning: "Do not be old, do not be poor! Nothing "compelled" me to write it, I was told I could not get any further in the National Debate without a book to my name. I've seen this Country become more like the Soviet Union! I don't mean in terms of the Cityscapes, and the decrepitude, but the Spirit of the Place! I grew very tired of people who had paid no attention to my attempts to intervene in Politics.

The Private Schools, by declining in quality, were able to increase their commercial success! It makes my blood boil, actually. I have this conversation again and again, and they'll say about this handful of Grammar Schools on the Commuter Routes "Yes, but this discriminates against the Poor!

Look at where they are! You could not find me something comparable in the Comprehensives of today! Find me a Christian Bolshevik! The two forms of thought are antagonistic, they must be. The Shakers, an American Sect, wouldn't have sex it was one of the reasons they died out, they believed everything should be done infused with God's love, they're mostly famous for the beautiful furniture they produced, which was an act of love, people would pay a lot for Shaker furniture now.

But they also became very successful in business! They were great farmers. They died out because they wouldn't reproduce, and the quality of what they did was blotted out by mass production. Things are looking good! Let's get the Golden Calf out again. Worshipping Baal and then, oh dear, here come the Babylonians! It sounds profound, doesn't it? But then so many things do. The Desiderata was on the Wall of every Student's Room in the s.

It turned out to be a fake. As the ever-increasing power of the State Undermines the Family and a lot of the things that it does, whether it be the care of the elderly or the nurturing of children in the Culture and Morality in which they should be brought up, all these things cease to happen when the Family weakens.

Then the State has to become stronger and it becomes a vicious circle. The problem with the NHS is it was designed for another Age, when people at the end of their lives were broken down by hard physical work and bad diet, poor housing. Most of which have departed. Very few people reach the end of their lives after shoveling coal or striving in hot steelworks, it's not what people do anymore. They reach the end of their lives having eaten too much and exercised too little.

Once you penetrate the ring of smokers, there's the ring of car parks, which symbolizes to me why the Hospitals are so full in the first place.

And they will. There has to be another source of authority which is above that, particularly a source of authority which places law above power and that as far as I'm concerned is what Monarchy does, because the origin of Law is God, and all Power is subject to God, and therefore all Power is subject to Law. If that goes, anything can happen. In a normal general election it would be loyal to the status quo.

The Blairites are on the run It's good these people are in tears We have two political parties who disagree with more than half of their electorate!

No matter inequality, race, the weather, the cause of Crime remains the same: Criminals. Compassion is no use if you're just sitting there saying how nice you are, it has to have a beneficial effect [interrupted but goes on] on those you are being compassionate towards.

The encouragement of the business of people smuggling is not beneficial to many people. An interest in politics lifts your imagination out of the boring concerns of suburban life, and it gives you a grandiose objective that makes you feel important, and it aids you in career choice and makes you more interested in the World.

I had a very low opinion of my pulling power and was amazed by the enthusiastic responses I had got. If I had known I looked like that in , it would have been awful, I would have behaved so much worse!

I tried very hard to get my MI5 file after David Blunkett said it would be possible to do so. I was refused and after witnessing various Political Statements I came to the conclusion that New Labour must have had the files of what used to be called "Subversives" destroyed. You might consider why they would have wanted to do that. Certainly there were many Bolsheviks in their ranks If you believe that you are right, and can in Thomas Paine's words "Make the World Anew", then there's almost nothing you won't sweep away to put this in its place.

It's a mistake, but a reasonable mistake for a 19 year old to make. You know there is a door behind which are unwelcome truths, and that if you go through it you will lose a lot of friends. As I get older and closer and closer to Death I think more and more that morality is about the self, what you would do when no-one is looking. I wasn't surprised when Trump became President because of the enormous resentment there is in Western Societies now about what has happened to what you might call Normal People.

The desire among lovely Persian women to look like Snow White is strange but it is a direct reaction to authority's attempts to make them look like bats and crows. I simply want to demolish the myth that the Left were interested in defending this Country for its own sake before It was always disloyal, and its eventual support for the war was based on Soviet Loyalty, not British.

Restrain the system of welfare, which you have made absurdly over generous, and restore the system of marriage, which you have systematically destroyed. It's fascinating, this extraordinary alliance between Radical Leftist Feminists and Corporate Multinational Business, which is probably the most sinister and cynical alliance since the Nazi-Soviet Pact!

You don't have a centrometer, you don't get to tell me where the Centre of Politics is. They'll say "the wrong brother died", or worse than that. I've been insulted by experts, these people are not experts. I think he may have fallen under the spell of a charismatic teacher, as sometimes happens.

The things I used to protest for in the sixties! I think integration and colorblindness are much more preferable than what we have now. It's becoming more like Brave New World, actually, where some things are just not known.

And at one of our best Universities! They're taught what to think, not how to think. Why should I be generous about these people? They helped to wreck my Country! We're told that having Mr Brown, who can't smile, is better than having Mr Blair, who couldn't read! It is more likely that an Eagle is going to drop a Tortoise on my head as I walk down the street, than that I am going to die in a Terrorist Outrage! Thanks to films the kids now know the Greek Myths better than they know the Gospels.

I've heard it before! As a left wing radical I would actively take away people's right to free speech, it came naturally to me, because I was so sure what I had was important enough to countermand their rights. They were saying in "We've got to get Gordon Brown out!

David Cameron will be no different! The Hegemony of China, which is coming, is going to be terrible, but I don't see any way to stop it. You sit there, you do not challenge my facts, you just sit there and say what you were going to say anyway, even though the facts contradict you.

How can you do that? You're missing my point before I've made it, which is characteristic of you. Just wait a second. A Heresy, it seems to me. When Germany and Russia get together the World Trembles!

It's not good news for anybody, not even for them. Germany is a Country with the most fantastically honest contraception machines.

They say on them "Anti-baby". And that is the attitude of the German Middle Class, they don't want any Babies. And so they have a serious Labour shortage. Which they think can be fixed with immigration.

Nobody talks about it, but Russia is not in the EU. And just look at the Map! How could Germany dominate if Russia was in?

There's always been in revolutions, a glorification of violence. He's doing it because he hates his own Party! Slippery behaves like this, he wants the Liberal Bigots, who hate all aspects of conservative morality, to think he's a good thing. I don't abandon Hope until the other Guy has his sword on my Chest and his foot on my Windpipe.

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Dec 23,  · The most salient point: “ The country has borrowed more money from the World Bank than any other country in that institution’s history. Back in the s, the World Bank directed India to implement market reforms that would result in the displacement of million people from the countryside.. The displacement of local banking from small towns to large industrial cities began in . Dec 20,  · Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, renowned columnist Peter Hitchens predicts that the UK government’s hamfisted handling of the COVID pandemic and Brexit will soon lead to a ‘political crisis in the “not too distant future.’ He also describes the . Jan 30,  · Peter Hitchens on Bolshevism, multiculturalism and his brother Gregs January 30, Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about his political transition from Bolshevism to conservatism, his fiery writing and what he . Tags:Control finance bitcoin, Banco central europeu bitcoin, Passing marks in btc exam, Cria carteira bitcoin, Ce este minatul bitcoin